Schwarz, Martin (Author)

Your query: look for a Book where the Title is "Karl Barth in der Strafanstalt"
Type:     Book
Title:     Karl Barth in der Strafanstalt
Title in English:     Karl Barth in the Penitentiary
Author:     Schwarz, Martin
Year:     1968
Language:     German
Publisher:     Basle: [no publisher] - Basel
Pages:     18
Articles in Book:     Barth, Karl, Grundsatzfragen der Gefangenenseelsorge, 11-18
Wildi ID:     17962
Keyword:     prison / prisoner, Basle, pastoral care
Notes:     [Contains:] Barth, Karl: Grundsatzfragen der Gefangenenseelsorge.- S.11-18.
Reference ID:     4957
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